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August 10, 2011

Was that a wheelchair that passed me?

There is a developing trend where 'disabled' folks get well-deserved publicity for superlative accomplishments that are world class, even among the 'able-bodied'.  Oscar Pistorius (he of the carbon fiber feet) is in the qualifying round for the 2012 Olympics.  Canadian Paul Tingley, the gold medalist in the 1-Person Keelboat sailing event at the 2008 Paralympic Games happens to also be the Open World Champion.  In other realms we are learning that a 'handicap' sometimes goes hand-in-hand with greatness.

Because convention blinds (see the problem?) us to appreciating achievement on it's own merits, we often don't hear about remarkable exploits.  Prejudices about disability run incredibly deep, even among medical professionals.

One circumstance grabbed my attention, so I wrote an article for the Journal of Medical Ethics which appears below.  Click on the JME link for a larger version.

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