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May 12, 2024

Honoris Causa

Our own Kevin Murphy will receive an honorary doctorate from St. Mary's University this Wednesday.  His imposing picture graces an article in the alumni magazine.

As one reads the article it is worth skipping the word "disabilities" and it's variants (occurring 15 times) to consider Kevin's accomplishments on their own.

From any perspective, his history of success is impressive.  Parent, politician, businessman, public servant; he is the epitome of ambition, hard work and talent.  Forget his physical condition........

Murphy describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur,” having ventured into diverse fields such as entertainment, publishing, advertising, restaurants, junior hockey, motor coach operations, and disability consulting. His time at Saint Mary’s University opened his eyes to a world of possibilities, inspiring him to become an advocate for accessibility improvements on campus, ensuring that the needs of students with disabilities were met.

But enough quibbling. This is Kevin's moment and heartiest congratulations are in order!

Watch the ceremony live-streamed Wednesday at 10.