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August 9, 2017

Summer Reading

Here is an excellent article in Mother Jones on the exploitation of people with disabilities in sheltered workshops in the US.  We have quite a few in Nova Scotia, equally unregulated and with a record probably similar.  These are training programs sanctioned by government, but no one gets trained.  Administrators get well-paid, government turns a blind eye.  People with disabilities get the shaft.

Here's an article in the New York Times about their version of Access-a-Bus, which cost them almost half a billion (with a b) dollars last year.  They have plans to recruit Uber and Lyft drivers to expand the service and reduce costs.  Gerry Post has presented a detailed plan to HRM Council, but they haven't the leadership to pay attention.

And today's article about Kyle Miller, a Calgary golfer with Cerebral Palsy, who is making history on the PGA tour.

Finally, I've noticed that few, if any, of the many glossy tourist guides have any mention of accessibility.   Next time you're in your favorite restaurant, you can politely say that they should advertise their accessibility, since they obviously make money from you.  Why they would advertise in a publication that cares more about pets than people is a mystery.  Must be owned by the Trumps.

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