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August 13, 2007

Be Heard!

You can help! Become an activist!

If you are as busy as everyone else, it's hard to find time to write your government representatives. To make it easier, here is an all purpose email that you can modify a bit to fit your requirements.

Should you write to the Prime Minister? It's up to you. Think of yourself as a vote, not a person......

Start a new email, and copy and paste these addresses (adding and subtracting as you wish) into the TO: box:

Harper.S@parl.gc.ca, Layton.J@parl.gc.ca, Dion.S@parl.gc.ca, ndpcaucus@gov.ns.ca, lco@gov.ns.ca, pcmlas@gov.ns.ca, jmcgs.info@gmail.com, kellyp@halifax.ca

Need more names? All you ever dreamed of right here!

Copy and paste this blue text into the body of your email with any changes you may wish to make:

Dear Representative,

I am writing about the deplorable state of access at ____________ on ___________. Although some slight modifications have been made, they seem to have been done without any recognized standard. The power doors are too narrow for wheelchairs, the buttons are impossibly located and the short ramps replacing the step is too steep. I am baffled that _____________ was able to receive a permit while excluding me and others like me. Would they get a permit if their sign said "No Politicians"?

I am also writing to remind you of the urgent necessity to acknowledge and promote the equity rights of persons with Disabilities. Here are are some of the many issues that need attention:
  • For government
    • All programs, existing and proposed, must be reviewed for disability neutrality
    • Government's stated goal is the full and unfettered participation of disabled people in their democracy
  • For Charities focusing on disabilities
    • Recruit directors from among those intended to benefit
    • No events in which disabled people can't participate as equals
    • No stereotyping of disabled people in image or word.
  • For media
    • No images or language that imply separate standards for disabled people
  • For Business
    • Value every customer equally, and promise to provide safe and dignified access.
  • For everyone
    • Do not assume the principal goal of disabled people is a "normal" life.
    • Do not consider disabled people to be objects of pity or need
    • Do not use patronizing language
    • Recognize and remove the barriers which make people disabled
Thank you for your attention to this important subject.

Yours truly,

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