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March 11, 2008

Welcome Tabitha Taylor - 2008 Summer Intern

Thanks to a generous grant from James McGrergor Stewat's lawfirm of Stewart, McKelvey and to the HRM Community grants program, we are employing Tabitha Taylor (photo at left, with Kevin Murphy).

For the next 12 weeks Tabitha will undertake a long list of tasks that will bring further recognition to your society. Tabitha is a 2007 Dal graduate, currently in her second year in the BEd program at Acadia. She is enthusiastic and capable, with skills matched to the projects. Here are some of the projects we have lined up:

  • Ceremony at JMcGS's grave in Camp Hill on his 119th birthday, June 30.

  • Completing a checklist of street and sidewalk configurations under the supervision of the Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Dalhousie University.

  • Group development on Facebook

  • Further research on JMcGS, including locating his Commander of the British Empire medal (fewer than 500 awarded to Canadians ever)

  • Interviews with people who knew JMcGS

  • Bibliography of material in archive

  • Common purpose with new Hill center at Dal

  • Updated Brochure and possible Braille version

  • Podcast

  • Tabitha has her work cut out for her! She can be reached at tabitha.noelle@gmail.com

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