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July 8, 2013

Win $100 CASH!

Can HRM compete with these examples?  Let's show them we're world class!

The Worst Curbcut in HRM.

Wheelchair users and friends!  Got a pet peeve?  Send us your photos and stories of the worst, most dangerous, most useless, most derelict, badly designed curb cut in HRM.

Prize - $100 cash - Really!

Contest rules

Must be a real location
Submit a picture or video and 100 words story, poem or description
Email your entry to Kelly
Be creative!
Extra points for
  • humor
  • science
All entries will be published
All entries will be mapped

All entries MUST include your full name, e-mail address, and the date and exact location that the photograph was taken.

Contest closes midnight August 1
Judging by a panel of 3 experts
Winner announced August 5
Winning entry featured here

Multiple entries welcome

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree that there are places for negative campaigns like this, but as a public servant trying to increase accessibility in the public realm they make me tired and discouraged. Not exactly what you want to do to the person trying to increase accessibility in civic spaces from within public administration.

Where is the best, safest, least dangerous, most useful, best maintained, and best designed curb cut in HRM? Find that, get consensus about it in the community, and I'll be more than happy to donate $100 to the James McGregor Stewart Society and give $100 to the person who submitted it. I also promise to promote it as a viable solution to curb cuts where I work at the City of Regina.

Very sincerely,

Stewart MacMillan
Regina, SK