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March 30, 2014


Anne Camozzi, accessibility sleuth, calls attention to this marvelous device:

which is installed at One Great George Street, London.  OGGS is an "Edwardian wedding and conference center" just around the corner from St. James Park.  If you are fortunate enough to be on the guest list for an Edwardian wedding, you can be whisked thence by an accessible cab (ALL cabs in London are accessible) and make a dramatic entrance using the steps straight out of an Indiana Jones movie.

The manufacturers, Allgood Trio, are architectural ironmongers, probably a type of enterprise only found in the UK.

OGGS has a remarkable accessibility statement which amounts to 12 pages.  Even forgetting the wonderous stairs, the statement reads like a fairy tale.  They have an accessible washroom where I would be happy to have an Edwardian reception.  There are Evac. Chairs to get me out in case of fire, audible and strobe alarms.  The staff "will also be happy to arrange anything extra such as water for an assistance dog".

My friend Patrick would've appreciated that.

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