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June 26, 2014


Here's a coincidence.
Here's the site, which is well underway:


Here's the introduction:

This seems poised to succeed.  It relies on Google's vast database of businesses and is harmonized with other types of ratings.  It has a smartphone app, so it's location aware.  I rated Epicurious Morsels, Saege, Jennifer's, Common Grounds,  Argyle Fine Art, Secord Gallery and Just Us.

It's not perfect:
  • The lowest accessibility rating is one star, which seems absurd.  Does Hali-Deli deserve any star?  It's completely inaccessible.
  • You have to rate the washroom even if you didn't visit
  • The mobile login is broken, so it's impossible to judge the features it might offer
  • The map doesn't pan with search results.
  • There are various small inconveniences, but the potential is great.
Bottom line?  Give it a whirl!  It's fun and helpful to others who pay attention to access.  The bugs should go away.  And it's worth getting a Ramp Up! t-shirt.

Rate five places you know - we'll organize a Mapathon later in the summer........

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