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August 4, 2014

Hydrostone Update

Petition - Make Hydrostone Accessible - GoPetition

The petition to make the Hydrostone Market accessible has had 45 responses.  Not exactly the angry mob with pitchforks which would make Larry Swinamer flee the jurisdiction.  I think 2012's campaign against the ill-conceived Queen Street Chickenburger had over 100 signatures.  One step at a time.

The petition was noted by The Halifax Examiner and Halifax Media Coop.

I haven't heard from Larry, but he's probably thinking about a new campaign to improve public health by encouraging people to take the stairs.

As learned in an earlier survey on disability legislation, removing existing barriers ranks #3 on the list of desirable outcomes, after making government supports more effective and preventing future barriers.

I am hoping to stock up on ammunition for the forthcoming effort to draft accessibility legislation.  To me, the Hydrostone is a symbol, an example of how people with disabilities are treated as second-class Haligonians.

I don't think we're tilting at windmills.  Larry is just postponing the inevitable, and missing an opportunity to be on the side of the angels.  It doesn't seem to bother him that his proud project relies on a fundamental unfairness.

14 people provided comments.

Standing up for those who can't.
My mother has been confined to a wheelchair for several years, and while she enjoys outings some places she cannot go because of accessibility issues. She should not be penalized because of an illness she could not prevent, and one she faced with courage and dignity.
I will not patronize any Hydrostone establishments.
I was dismayed to learn that a relatively recent vintage development (1995) is so backward with respect to accessibility. You can do more to live up to the "2nd best in the top ten “best neighborhoods” in Canada" billing that you promote on your web site
I visit halifax often. Buildings should be accessible.
Let's make this happen no excuses
I lived for years on Robie St not far from the htdrostones. What a wonderful idea to convert them into a market as you have done. Please make them accessible so all of us can enjoy your wonderful investment.
I definitely believe in accessible EVERYTHING, INCLUDING WASHROOMS everywhere in public places!
Proud maritimer (now living in Quebec), I support all moves to make venues in the Maritimes accessible and open to all!
The time has long since passed when this iconic property should stop discriminating against Nova Scotians with mobility limits. There is simply no excuse for your inaction. Get busy, and get this important site open to all Nova Scotians.
What year is it?
Accessible design will open the market to everyone: parents with strollers, people in wheelchairs, anyone challenged by stairs -- and all consumers who are laden down with purchases from the market! Accessible design is a win-win for everyone.
As a former Halifax resident, I am very upset that this has happened.
There is no excuse for inaccessible businesses.

Maybe a cat video will help.

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