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February 25, 2015


A loyal reader corrects me on the details of accessibility at The Old Triangle:

Re. Old Triangle. I haven't checked their entrance lately, but I can tell you that they do have an accessible washroom inside. I can't remember the layout now; it was about two years I was there celebrating a friend's birthday. It may be on their main floor, which actually may be up several steps. The place is a maze inside. I was going to the washroom and asked the server where it was. She said downstairs. I said I don't do stairs and had my cane with me. She returned with a key for an accessible washroom very close to our table. I asked her why the washroom was not well marked and why it was kept locked so that you had to (a) know it was there and (b) know to ask for a key. She said they had stopped keeping it open because couples were using it for sex acts, as it is roomy and out-of-sight. I did indeed find the washroom large, as it should be. I asked her to keep it open and they did, at least while I was there. They probably locked it again as soon as my party left.

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