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March 18, 2015

Parking Therapy

I'm no fan of accessible parking as it's usually implemented - I like the idea that all parking should work for everyone.

Knowing that's unlikely to happen, here is an alternative, brought to my attention by Haligonian John McKenna.  It's a minute and a half video.  (I see it has been taken down as of March 26, 2015)

The program doesn't have a history in Nova Scotia.  The Parking Mobility Team says:

Currently Halifax has not deployed the Parking Mobility program. Unfortunately many community leaders do not realize that accessible parking abuse is a significant problem. As a nonprofit organization developed and run by people affected by accessible parking abuse every day, our mission is to end that abuse through Engagement, Enforcement and Education. The key to engaging and educating community leaders is having data that demonstrates the need for a solution. We collect this vital data from the reports submitted by people who download and use the Parking Mobility App. Once we have data in a given community, we use it to educate community leaders and demonstrate how Parking Mobility can help solve the problem. Every report is crucial to helping end accessible parking abuse. Without this data, communities will continue doing what they always have about accessible parking abuse...practically nothing.
Reporting is the key, that's a fact.  So I plan on volunteering.  The App is free, the emphasis is on education and accessibility, and an extra benefit is an accurate inventory of spaces.  Perhaps municipalities will follow up on your reports.  Even if they don't, your reports will raise awareness and relieve you of some of the pent up frustration you doubtless have.


A little digging turns up the fact that the video above is out-of date, replaced by this one:

Apparently the charitable component is not operational.  About its videos, the Parking Mobility Team says:
As our communities expand, we will reshoot videos but we are predominately in Texas at this time as Texas laws are more receptive to the program as a whole. Im afraid the one I sent is the only one we can endorse. The one you have posted will be taken down as soon as I can.
So the mechanics are a bit different and the accents are definitely not Canadian, but the therapeutic value remains.  It's worth trying.

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