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October 7, 2015

All-Party Forum Survey Results

For the All-Party Forum on Disability and Accessibility, we surveyed our blog subscribers to gauge the level of interest in the important issues.  Here’s what people said:

48 people answered

We also asked respondents to evaluate problems. The chart shows problems in order of the number of people identifying a problem as THE most important:

We asked for and received many suggestions for further discussion.  Important themes are:
  • Inappropriate housing for those who, due to physical disabilities. need attendant care to be able to live independently in their community.  Far too many people institutionalized because their existing housing is inadequate for adapting to sudden illness, disability, or changing status.
  • Ineffective Human Rights Commission
  • Government must enforce Charter Rights
  • Children with disabilities and their schooling.
  • Integrating universal design protocols into existing building code would help diminish stress and expense with respect to a range of disabling conditions
  • Funding support for accessibility improvements for businesses
  • Better home care and navigator support services for those with disabilities.
  • Federal, Provincial, Municipal division of responsibility.
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