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December 24, 2015

End of year business

I sent this complaint to Mr. MacGregor (barry.macgregor@novascotia.ca) director of Food Safety on August 8, but did not receive a reply:

Dear Mr. MacGregor,

This is a complaint because of lack of enforcement of section 20 of the Food Safety Act, which clearly states:

Washroom facilities

20 (1) A food establishment must have washroom facilities for staff and washroom facilities for the public available in a convenient location, unless exempted by the Administrator.

(2) A washroom facility must be constructed, equipped, and designed in accordance with the Nova Scotia Building Code.

(3) If an inspector gives written approval, the same washroom facilities may be used for both staff and the public.

A restaurant called Efendy, 1569 Dresden Row Halifax, has a new, accessible, outdoor patio where Effendy offers their regular menu.  A wheelchair user is thus able to dine as any other customer.
Unfortunately, wheelchair users do not have access to a washroom.

As a wheelchair user who has the same washroom demands as any other human, I am unable to think of any plausible reason for this exception.  Imagine the awkward moment when a wheelchair user discovers the absence of a washroom.  There are no good outcomes.  Effendy is just one of many Halifax restaurants with similar arrangements.  None of these meet the requirements of section 20, so they should not be licensed.

I look forward to an expeditious resolution of my complaint.

Warren Reed

406-1540 Summer St
Halifax, NS B3H 4R9
902 482 4017

Today I used this form to make  an addition.

I would like to extend this complaint to a restaurant in the RCR Group
Bistro Le Coq

1584 Argyle St, Halifax, NS
which also operates an outdoor patio in the summer months.  The same arguments apply.
I'd appreciate an answer.

By the way, here's a Trip Adviser review for this fine establishment:

The one huge drawback to this establishment is that it is absolutely inaccessible to anyone with any physical disability. Wheelchair users, those with vision or hearing problems, indeed anyone with modest mobility issues, should avoid this restaurant. The restaurant is dark, and has different levels separated by short flights of stairs. The layout is very hard to negotiate. And the restrooms are down a set of stairs in the basement. In this day and age this is totally unacceptable.
  • Visited December 2013

Merry Christmas!

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