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August 22, 2016

The Same Old Diversity Thing

Based on El Jones' story about Richard Florizone's delegation to MIT, which will surely cost us $300,000, I thought I should add another line to our table of Commissions:

Total MembersGenderRace/EthnicWith a disability
FemaleMaleWhiteAsianAfrican CanadianMi'kmaqYesNo
EngageNS *1441012011014
Ivany Commission523400105
Halifax Partnership2315820210023
HRM Council1741317000017
Dalhousie Governors27151224030027
NS Legislature50143649010149
Waterfront Development Corporation853800008
MIT REAP TEAM918900009
Percent of Grand Total100.0%38.8%61.2%92.0%1.1%4.3%2.7%0.5%99.5%
*From a list onlyCorrections Welcome

As El says "White man, white man, white man, white man, white man, white man, white man, white man, white woman. Seems a diverse representation of Nova Scotia! Nothing says “innovation” like white people appointing themselves elites and making decisions about what everyone else needs."

I have some affection for MIT, but I don't quite understand why a University President has assumed the role of regional "Champion" as they modestly say in East Cambridge.  The choice of 8 white companions says more about what's wrong with Nova Scotia than what's right.  Florizone has much to do at Dal.  Dal has made a bunch of missteps and has lost some of its shine.

The trouble with the REAP team is the symbolism, the message that the future of Nova Scotia is white, male, able-bodied.  For Florizone to be unable to grasp the problem is troubling.

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