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October 16, 2016

HRM Election Part II

Congratulations to our new and re-elected Councilors and to Mayor Savage!  I'm confident that Halifax will continue to grow and prosper.

Special congratulations to the 9 Councilors who pledged to accomplish six simple things of special importance to people with disabilities:
  1. Publish summary statistics about the HRM workforce, across job classifications and pay grades, and ensuring privacy rights, showing the breakdown by 
    • gender
    • age
    • nature and severity of disability
    • ethnic and racial categories
  2. Name an access coordinator in each department who will signify that access has been considered in each report to Council
  3. Begin a review of By-Laws to identify consequences for people with disabilities, to be completed in 2017
  4. Begin to update Red-Book standards for accessible rights of way to commonly accepted levels.
  5. Include this statement in the Special Events Task Force Special Event Application Form:
    • "Event organizers welcome people with disabilities as observers and participants. If disability accommodations (e.g., communication access, alternate formats) are needed to participate fully in this event, please contact event organizers at [phone number and email address]. "
  6. Endorse the concept of Halifax Ramp-Up
The 9 are:

In the coming days, we will work with these nine good advocates to assure fair treatment of people with disabilities.

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