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August 14, 2017

Big Day

"Boys," Joseph Howe said on one occasion to a Nova Scotia audience, "brag of your country. When I’m abroad I brag of everything that Nova Scotia is, has, or can produce; and when they beat me at everything else, I turn round on them and say, “Do you have a Harbour Hopper like ours, that is wheelchair accessible?” He always had them there — no other country could match our determination.


I am so proud of my city.  For the first time in my life I had the privilege, fun and enjoyment of seeing Halifax as others see it.  Being with other tourists, hearing the corny jokes, shouting "ribbet, ribbet' at Theodore, learning details of the Explosion and most of all, being on the water!

The Gangplank
This story began almost two years ago with a simple notice from the UARB.  My respect and admiration for Dennis Campbell and his dedicated staff has only grown.

The engineering is simple, safe, and a testament to Nova Scotian ingenuity. Wheelchairs are loaded separately, causing no inconvenience for other passengers.  The lift can be easily transported in case of a breakdown, no doubt avoiding many regulatory hurdles.

After our trip, I heard a tourist gushing about the HH, wondering if he could bring his mother with her walker.  This is the kind of innovation and market savvy that will serve Dennis well and spread the good news about Halifax far and wide.  Cruise lines will take note and London will be envious.

A thousand thanks to Dennis and his AMAZING team, working behind the scenes to make a remarkable and unique attraction.  Their perseverance, vision and hospitality are unmatched!

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