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December 18, 2017

HRC workflow, continued

Last spring I did a couple of posts on the workflow at the Human Rights Commission.  In the meantime, four others and I have a complaint wending its way to a Board of Inquiry.  The Board Chair has been named and last week we had a conference call to settle on a date for a hearing.  It will be in July.  This is a disappointment, as our initial complaint was filed in July, 2016.  So it will be 703 days from complaint to hearing

Expecting to learn how badly we have been treated, I looked at the 3 Board of Inquiry decisions made in 2017 relating to disability. 


Time to

As you can see, our 703 days to a hearing is a blink of an eye compared to the 900 day average.  But my disappointment is not diminished.  In all 3 of these cases the finding was for the complainant.  

So the question is why it takes 900 days before you even get a hearing?  I know cases differ, but really, 900 days?  

Like the seige of Leningrad.

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