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February 21, 2018

Just another token effort?

Halifax wants to know, so we should tell them.  I first published this in 2008:

Fair Government
  • People with disabilities must be equitably represented at all levels in the workforce (stop using privacy as a cover-up!)
  • All public meetings must be held in accessible locations, with appropriate amenities (signers, accessible washrooms) served by scheduled and accessible public transportation.
  • There will be continuing emphasis on HRM website accessibility
  • There will be an accessibility section in the Annual Report, detailing accomplishments
  • HRM sponsored or funded events like sports competitions will be accessible to everyone
  • A higher profile will be given to the HRM Advisory Committee on Persons with Disabilities
  • Every department will have a person responsible for accessibility who signs off on projects

Barrier Free Infrastructure 

  • The HRM Municipal Service System Guidelines (Redbook) will be continually monitored to include modern standards of accessible design for infrastructure
  • Heritage properties which are public accommodations will have a plan for accessibility
  • HRM will develop plans to eliminate barriers in currently inaccessible public facilities and budget accordingly
  • No more discrimination by building code exemptions

Effective Municipal Services

  • A fully accessible public transportation system, including taxis, must be one of HRM's highest priorities
  • Public Safety and services must pay special attention to the needs of people with disabilities – for example:
    • Include disability considerations in snow removal standards (curb cut clearing, bus platforms, tactile clues)
    • zero tolerance for crimes against disabled people
    • Emergency measures should address planning and protection for disabled people.

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