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July 10, 2018

More HRC numbers

At the end of last week's excellent article on the Human Rights Board of Inquiry, CBC reporter Shaina Luck published data about the workload at the Human Rights Commission.  
In the 9 years since 2008, the HRC accepted 1,058 complaints and closed 1160 of them. Are they so efficient that complaints are closed even before they're filed?
Ms. Luck evidently asked for clarification but received no response.
It could work if the HRC began 2008 with a backlog of 102 unresolved and unreported complaints.
More likely is that even arithmetic is a challenge for the HRC. It would be comical if it wasn't alarming and a bit offensive. They're so busy dismissing complaints that they can't be bothered making the effort to keep even simple records.
Even for me, who has a jaundiced view of the HRC, this doesn't rise to the level of a hangin' offense. But it's careless and sloppy.

We should expect better.

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