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March 25, 2016

Honour Roll

This is important.

There are dozens, no hundreds, of Nova Scotians with disabilities who work tirelessly and selflessly to improve the outlook for their comrades.  I can name fifty off  the top of my balding head.  Their work is seldom acknowledged.
This year, as you have heard me endlessly repeat, there is an elite wheelchair division in one of the Blue Nose Marathon races.  The athletes have a team raising money for Independent Living Nova Scotia, which is currently 5th of all teams.    

You know I'd like us to be first, but more importantly I'd  like to use the opportunity to honour individuals who deserve a little thanks.

The minimum on-line donation for which you can receive a tax receipt is twenty-five dollars.   What better purpose than a donation in someone's honour in conjunction with the debut of wheelchair racers in the Blue Nose Marathon 5k and a chance to support Independent Living?  A threefer!

I'll start the ball rolling with a donation to honour Gerry Post, relentless advocate for accessibility in HRM, who only yesterday gave a spirited and articulate presentation to Regional Council.

Got a candidate in mind?  Why not be thankful, helpful and proud all at once?

Do it here!

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