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March 13, 2016

Strength in Numbers - Celebrating 104 seconds

The Global Wheelchair Athletics team has been very successful raising money for the Blue Nose Marathon Charity Challenge.  12 generous supporters have contributed $1025, earning us a matching $1000.

That's an average donation of about $85.  At the moment we're #4 of all teams in the Charity Challenge in total raised.  Let's be first, for once.

The wheelchair event is very significant for people with disabilities.  We're just not used to seeing ourselves in the limelight.  We're an afterthought.

  • "Oh, we didn't consider that a deaf person might be at this meeting."
  • "Well, there is a ramp at the delivery entrance"
  • "I was only using the handicapped parking while I ran in for a double-double."
Here's an opportunity to be counted.  A $25 donation is a penny for every time the wheel goes around in the 5km race.  Let's let the world know we're proud of our racers and proud of ourselves.

World record time for the 5k is 12:37.  For wheelchairs, it's 9:53.  That's a hundred and four seconds faster.  Can you donate a dime a second - $10.40 - to honour the astonishing achievements of wheelchair athletes?  Click here to donate and be proud!

Maybe that's why the Bluenose is on the dime......

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