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March 4, 2016

Help People with Disabilities help People with Disabilities


You know how frustrated I have been with Nova Scotia's indifference to people with disabilities. 

After years of pestering, the Blue Nose Marathon will include an elite wheelchair division in one of their races the weekend of May 21.

Part of the race plan encourages participants to compete for a charity, and the wheelchair team will raise money for Independent Living Nova Scotia, an organization after my own heart that promotes self-reliance.

At the same time, The James McGregor Stewart Society has invited Josh Cassidy, world champion wheelchair marathoner (Boston 2012) and famous young Canadian to watch the race and speak about his experiences as an Olympic athlete.

Taken together, I think the race, the fundraiser and the visit from Josh will help make Nova Scotians aware of the accomplishments of people with disabilities.  

I'd like the wheelchair team to be among the top fundraisers, (charities averaged $6,500 last year) so to help Independent Living reach its modest goal, there is a matching opportunity from an anonymous benefactor for the first $1000 raised by the wheelchair team.  If you are inclined to help the cause, your dollars will go twice as far!  The race is 5km - a little over 2500 wheel revolutions.  Could you do a penny ($25) or a nickel ($125) a revolution to help with a real revolution?

For Canadians, using this webpage makes the accounting simple and instantly generates a tax receipt.  US donors will also get a tax receipt, but using it may be more complicated.  As a bonus from the oil glut, $100 Canadian will only cost $74 US (cross border credit card fees extra).

If you are able to make a donation it will make a huge difference to the profile of wheelchair athletes and to the campaign for full equality of Nova Scotians with disabilities.  Thanks in advance for considering.

Please dig deep, act while the idea is fresh (i.e.Now) and encourage friends to participate by using the social media icons on the donations page.

Gus Reed

ps If you would also like to help sponsor Josh's visit, let me know (not tax deductible, alas)

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